Write Incredible Internet Content and Grow Your Audience: My 4-Step Strategy for 2023📝

André Finance
4 min readJan 18, 2023
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🌅6:10 am. Coffee isn’t working. A creeping soreness is making my throat feel like sandpaper. My back aches as if I slept on my head. On top of that, my views are down.

🤔I was riding high for the last few months thinking I was on a straight shot to stardom (do writers have stardom?), convinced this was it, this was my big break. As ever, I’m realising such a thing doesn’t exist.

💡At this point, right here, when the chips are down when the motivation is low when I have enough of a reason to be swallowed back in by my bed for a few hours, I look to my new strategy of how to write incredible internet content, it’s the only keeping me going.

📚Here’s my 4-part strategy in a nutshell:

  1. Invest in deep learning 📚
  2. Look for opportunities 🔎
  3. Create value first 💎
  4. Unrelenting focus 🔥

These are all part of my aim to hit my goal for 2023: write incredible internet content.

🤔1. Invest in deep learning

I recently bought 2 books. 1 was the best thing I’ve read all year, the other I closed after page 18. I won’t be opening it again.

📚This is part of the strategy of point 1. Deep learning is important. Books for me present the best way to learn how writers master their craft. There is something about a book that just works for me.

📖Not just reading a book, rereading good books and closing bad books. Reading books outside of my ‘niche’, using different genres to inform my writing. Writing out great hooks and stories from my favourite books to really understand how the writer does it.

📊In 1997, Jakob Nielsen’s web usability study showed that 79% of web users scan rather than read. You do this when reading books too. Taking the time to read the words of an outstanding book is 100x better than skim reading a mediocre one.

💰This strategy calls for an investment in learning. It means I’ll spend money on books and a select few courses. I’m only interested in improving my writing.



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